Soft Swerve Ice Cream, New York

Soft Swerve Ice Cream, New York

The purple Ube-flavoure ice-cream from Soft Swerve was absolutely magical. Purple yam might not sound the most enticing flavour on paper. However, once you’ve taken a lick of these artfully decorated cones, you’ll be convinced.

Purple reign

The institution of Soft Swerve was started by two New York friends who quit their corporate jobs to  bring this idea to live. It became an instant hit with Instagram due to its unique colour and design. Based on our short time there it appears most commonly decorated. This adds that extra unnecessary level of pizzaz.

Some might have them plain but I had mine no holds-barred with fruit pebbles and cornflakes as well, as below!

It’s not all about the Ube. They also have matcha, black sesame and coconut flavours. Perfect for the Chinatown crowd but seriously, these flavours will impress anyone. Ube is where it’s at (I didn’t try the others but I’m sure they’re good). The fruit pebbles and coloured cornflakes are fun enough for me – as someone who’s never had it before, otherwise skippable. The only downside about Soft Swerve is that it doesn’t come cheap… these are Manhattan prices.

Pick and mix

My colourful combination was one of the swerve specials, but you’re free to make it your own with your choice of soft service (if this is a mix) as well as toppings. You can go nuts with toasted marshmallow, Oreos, sprinkles, wafers, almonds… you get the picture. And then drizzles – if you’re feeling a little more saucy.

I love these cones and kind of hope there’s something like this back in Melbourne when I get back there… otherwise, perhaps I have found a new calling! (Aqua S is good, but now I’m not so sure).

There must have been luck on my side discovering Soft Swerve, it kind of made me excited for all the food I would discover for my week in new York (thanks to our friends Tammy/ Leslie for taking us there)!