Levain Bakery, Upper West Side, New York

Levain Bakery, Upper West Side, New York

The cookies from Levain Bakery are incredible. I think I’ve found my favourite chocolate chip (and walnut) cookie of all time! Expect warm, melt-in-your-mouth goodness with a thwack of sweetness.

Cookie ajar

For my next Manhattan day I headed over to the Upper West Side where a plethora of treats were waiting for me. I made a stop in Levain Bakery which I had marked on my Google Maps earlier. I walked in and smelt why I had needed to come here.

There seemed to be two Levain Bakeries in the same neighbourhood, the bigger store was a bit nicer as it was a lot less cramped. (That’s the one that’s not down stairs if that’s of any help!). Tp my surprise there’s not too much of a queue the two times I went. Beware these cookies are very much a sometimes only level treat.

World’s best cookie?

Levain Bakery offers quite a choice of things, but each time I went I only went for the cookies. I highly recommend asking the staff what’s newly out of the oven. That fresh from the oven taste makes such a difference when you bite into the chewy, chocolatey texture. Of the cookies we sampled, the classic chocolate chip walnut was my easy favourite.

The bakery first opened its doors in 1995 and wasn’t always known for its cookies, it had initially opened up to sell artisanal breads. The 6 ounce chocolate chip cookie came later and was designed to deliver high levels of calories for the owners’ triathlon training. The size, the sugar, the yum factor all contributed to these cookies becoming the most famous thing out of the Levain Bakery.

Why am I (and the world!) so enamoured with these cookies? Great texture, super ratio of chocolate, a luxurious richness. The cookies aren’t too cheap, expect Manhattan-level prices and the calories are like that too. A decadent treat best shared with friends and well worth trying if you’re stepping foot in New York.


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