Junior’s Cheesecake, New York City

Junior’s Cheesecake, New York City

For a place called Junior’s… this is some serious adult indulgence. The cheesecakes from Junior’s are like no other and it makes for a serious once in a lifetime experience. Junior’s Cheesecake is a place that feels so quintessentially American with its outrageous portion sizes and friendly service.


We had finished our showing of the musical Carousel and were in hunt for a treat. I think I had read something about Junior’s Cheesecake somewhere which made me pin it for later. Being in the theatre district itself, it was only a hop away from our theatre.

The only issue was how busy it was. Junior’s is already a huge restaurant with a outdoor space. But the weather was too cold for us to want to be there. It could have also been our timing and our luck – there looked to be a tour group in front of us that bottlenecked things.

Once we get to the table the experience is all quick and snappy. For a bit of salt we order the mushroom gravy on fries and a slice of the carrot cake cheesecake. We actually had intended for another order of cheesecake but this seems to have got lost along the way. And we glad it did, these slices are not your grandma’s slices.

First up was the super hot fries. No doubt this is a take on Canadian’s poutine and the end result is just okay. The plates are extremely hot from being in the oven and all that melty cheese so we take our time with it. The gravy is fine, and all vegetarian.

We didn’t go for mains and seeing the portion sizes of the food at Junior’s, we glad we passed on that. The plates are astronomical in size (kind of in line with the prices, it ain’t cheap) and enough to feed you for a week.

The cheesecake

We were most excited about sampling the cheesecake at Junior’s. And this is understandably legendary. It’s so heavy! Carrot cake cheesecake ended up being a good choice, only a few spoonfuls was enough to get our calorie intake for the day. We’d describe the cake as being super creamy, smooth and sinfully indulgent. Between two of us, we struggled to finish.

We thought the cheesecakes from Junior’s were pretty special, and worth making the trip for those. It’s a ridiculously sized slice and particularly heavy. Next time round we’d have just gone for the takeout option and ordering even less.


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