What a Bagel, Fashion District, Toronto

What a Bagel, Fashion District, Toronto

Well, what a disappointment. I hadn’t come across a bagel I didn’t enjoy, but I did so at What a Bagel. The morning started off well enough, with a leisurely stroll across Lake Ontario. And it was a busy, pumping vibe at What a Bagel, so the perceived crowd felt reassuring at first. But then I came across an unfriendly server and then the turkey bacon and egg bagel also left just as sour of a taste.


The basic bagels themselves are cheap (under $1) and as such, doable on it’s own. But here at the $5 assembled bagel mark, the microwave-tasting egg and pinch of cheese doesn’t cut it. Turkey bacon is okay, I was well aware I wasn’t eating bacon. The bagel is of a different style than the ones I’m used to. The chewiness wasn’t on par with the ones back home. It was heavy? In terms of sprinkle, it’s much more tame and only on the top. Whereas I prefer having a pool of poppy and sesame seeds in every bite, top and bottom. If getting the bagel by itself I wouldn’t have minded as much, but the extra components were not worth it. Compare: Mile End Bagels


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