Vicky’s Fish & Chips, Roncesvalles, Toronto

Vicky’s Fish & Chips, Roncesvalles, Toronto

Fish and chips and Asian food? This sounds too much like my childhood. Vicky’s Fish & Chips is one of Toronto’s answers to when you have two food type cravings. We headed up to the road to Roncesvalles Avenue for a cheap and delightful dinner.

Fried and thai

It’s a no frills type of affair at Vicky’s Fish & Chips, which feels like a long standing family-run business. Whilst it might look empty inside there’s an exciting courtyard which offers ample space for dining in the glory of the summer evening.

There’s two menus for the two types of offering, and even more extra menus lying about. In fact, even the counter threw us more food options too. You definitely won’t run out of variety if you’re a regular at Vicky’s.

Fry day

The fryers get good use (also like my childhood) with our food choices. We get the chicken meatball ($3.50), the General Tao chicken ($11) and the sticky rice with peanut sauce ($4). It’s all so wonderfully cheap and gigantic sized which is make for a relatively guilt free splurge.

The General Tao comes with rice and is quite good, but not quite as wonderful as the time I had it at Joe’s Shanghai. Vicky’s Fish & Chips has so many variations on the fried chicken dish, so I think it’s more about offering selection than having individually standout dishes. The chicken balls are meaty and yum and we both compete over the sticky rice dish. 

The peanut sauce on the rice is a bit different to what I was expecting (i.e. a satay like blend) but it’s good all the same. I was happy with Vicky’s Fish & Chips – great variety, generous portions, friendly owners and it offers everything that you might be craving – whether that’s Asian food or fish and chips. If you’re heading around Dundas West station, it sure beats the McDonalds.


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