Thai Home, Roncesvalles Village, Toronto

Thai Home, Roncesvalles Village, Toronto

I’d love to have a home near Thai Home. And my friend is fortunate to be in that situation, being mere seconds from the front door in Roncesvalles Village. We dined in for the $10 set lunch, and this was straight out incredible. It’s not a store with a hip buzz and the interior has some queasy mismatch. But in a way this usually makes for the best. The food is great value and mega tasty.

Home to great cuisine

My set meal order at Thai Home was the stir-fried avocado chicken in lime garlic sauce. It’s served with a coconut chicken soup, spring rolls and rice. So much! Our other orders was for the chicken satay (this was a more meh) and the golden chicken curry. The latter came again with mango salad, spring rolls and rice. Both meals were winners in value (how does this place make money?). We enjoyed every bite with plenty food to have some to take home as well. A hidden little treasure in the village that’s worth seeking out.

thai home satay

This is my first encounter with avocado in a stir fry dish (and perhaps the first time in any Asian context) and here it works really well. I needed convincing. The creaminess of the avo compliments the chicken and vegetables, under a delicately seasoned sauce of lime and garlic.

The full menu at Thai home is a ridiculous multi-page affair. Fortunately the set menu does the limit the options somewhat, making it easier to navigate and a healthy price point. It looks like a winner with the delivery orders too, with bike couriers flying in and out.

thai home curry

Lunch special

We ordered the chicken satay as a starter and realised we didn’t need it following the size of the portions. Can’t say this was my favourite satay though, the meat here tasted a bit funny as did the sauce. I do find it’s hard to get a skewer right, for example I didn’t like the one at Rosa’s Thai either.

Joey’s choice was the golden curry with chicken as well as the mango salad. Both dishes came with spring rolls that were homemade and fried to order. These were yum yum as was the dipping sauce it came with. All the dishes are very well presented at Thai Home with garnishes, use of colour and lemon for acidity. Much more than I would have been expecting for this price point and unassuming location.

The curry is a bit more on the hot side (you can customise it though) but it is manageable. This meal was my “second lunch” for the day. I had been somewhat dreading it in fact (first one was such a disappointment, that’s for another post) but was left with a jaw-to-jaw smile after this positive experience at Thai Home.

Round two

Update: Another visit to Toronto which means another stop at Thai Home. Again for the lunch special but trying a few new dishes in the ginger beef and the chicken cashew nut. Both were flavourful and kept me happy, only minor complaint was the beef was a bit overdone. For the price, I still think Thai Home is great!


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