Taco Bell, Yonge & Elington, Toronto

Taco Bell, Yonge & Elington, Toronto

I do feel that we’re missing a beast, in the decent fast food chain that is Taco Bell. Across NZ, Australia and the UK it’s not in sight at all. So I had a little fix whilst I was in North America-land. Here, the Taco Bells are run alongside the KFCs for a fun, fusion dining experience. If you want. We stuck to just the Taco Bell menu for purity reasons. The “meal deal” is about $6 and you get two “things” along with a dessert side, drink, and corn chips. The latter whilst basic, come with a cup of amazing nacho cheese dip. This is so wow. I could eat a vat of this, it’s reminiscent of plastic cheese in liquid form but good.


The fried caramel apple empanada is gooey gold and delicious. It caused an argument on the table as we were both fighting over it it. And the drinks here are whack (probably just a America-thing). As well as ice tea options, you can get flavour twists (think: cherry, lime, vanilla) added into the soda. It makes for a mega mixing chemistry experience. At dinnertime. If anything, the only thing I didn’t rate at Taco Bell was the tacos, the filling was a bit weird and tasted like meat, but not meat. Onto dinner number two.


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