Sushi California, Earlscourt, Toronto

Sushi California, Earlscourt, Toronto

Welcome to the Sushi California, such a lovely place, such a lovely place… Well, it is. There’s a slogan on the window outside of “sushi with a style, prices with a smile”. That’s certainly lived up to in the experience at Sushi California.

Sushi to order

We were en route to Casa Loma on this morning and due to oversleeping, went for a bit of a sushi brunch here. It’s all so cheap and it’s all made to order. So fresh, you can still feel the warmth of the sushi rice as you tuck in. We got cosy in a nice little booth and it wasn’t long for the enticing platter to arrive.

We had a mix of urumaki and inari, including teriyaki chicken, mango & cream cheese, spicy crab roll and deep fried with spicy salmon. It’s all so fresh and delish. The mango roll was a surprise win, although I actually appreciated the quality of the chicken too. There was so much on the plate and we had plenty to takeout as well.


Roll with the dishes

I found the sushi to be great value, at about $7-9 for the special rolls, and $4-5 for the more standard rolls. The exterior proclaiming from $1.95 rolls might be doing Sushi California some disservice, it’s miles better than a bargain sushi joint. It’s a fantastic experience that doesn’t need any cheapening.

I, for one, am glad my friend had dragged me along to this haunt. I should add that this sushi kept us going for pretty much the whole day, (with only an occasional confectionary item in the mix) to keep our energies up throughout a busy afternoon at Toronto Zoo.

Update: one more visit! So glad I made it back to St Clair to hit up Sushi California another time. We ordered a few new things: the fried yam sushi, the vegetarian sushi with broccoli (that was a bit weird) and the green caterpillar roll. With the latter anticipate much green (avocado and seaweed). As good as I remember and the portions continue to be crazy! This time we ended with a dessert in the fried ice-cream. The product was a bit too solid for my liking but its fun nonetheless.