Niagara Brewing Company, Niagara Falls

Niagara Brewing Company, Niagara Falls

The brews are agreeable but our experience at the Niagara Brewing Company was a frustrating one. It feels like a place that’s efficient and well run, but our food order took over an hour. And when you have only an hour before your tour bus returns to Toronto… it doesn’t make for the fun, relaxing experience we had all been hoping for.

Rise and fall

Let’s start with the positives. It’s a very cool venue. It’s a brewpub, that is actually a proper craft brewery. I like sitting here a lot (I guess I ended up getting that wish!). Niagara Brewing Company opened in 2015 and it sits on the former site of the Foxhead Inn. This means it is smack back in the middle of busy Niagara Falls. That made it an easy choice for our group, who were feeling both parched and ravenous after being sprayed on by said Niagara Falls.

niagara radler

The beer is very good. I picked up the peach radler and this is tasty. These guys know their drinks, and that shows. I would happily return for the beer in fact. Niagara Brewing Company is a craft brewery and you can see in the bold brews that there is also a rather adventurous spirit. For example, there is a pumpkin spiced ale on the menu at the moment. How Starbucks is that?


A wait to remember

Things get let down in the kitchen. Us, and a few tables around us, had to keep inquiring where the food was without ever being given any reassurance from the service staff. We felt ignored being seated upstairs. I’m not so bothered most of time but being on a schedule means only a small window of opportunity for stuff. So the more time spent here meant missing out on whatever else the Niagara Falls area could have offered us. Maybe there was a really good Ripley’s? (cough). The food itself at Niagara Brewing Company was decent. I had the seasoned rock salt pretzel with IPA cheese sauce. Reassuringly fresh from the oven with a salty taste that made me feel less salty.

niagara platter

Too little, too late

It is a tourist trap, so nothing on the food menu comes cheap. One of the group went for the charcuterie board which is visually impressive with meats, crostini, vegetables and a white bean spread. We didn’t come out at a busy time, but the slow service would be too off-putting/ risky to recommend. Pop in for maybe just a handle instead?