Nadege, Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto

Nadege, Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto

I’m a huge fan of the Trinity Bellwoods area, and if I was looking to reside in Toronto, I’d give that a good go. I had walked past Nadege Patisserie quite a few times over my week in Canada, there was one in a mall too. I’ve always possessed a major sweet tooth so I knew I had to try it at some point. It’s a good patisserie, but it wasn’t one of my favourites.

Nadège’s name comes from it’s owner, Nadège Nourian. As the chef and owner since opened in 2009, she is a fourth generation pastry chef and has worked in patisseries across France and in other Michelin-starred restaurants. So it’s been round a while and judging by the crowd, it’s a popular haunt around this area. The cabinets are beautiful and most of the items are looking delectable. Without trying to diminish this, most French patisserie does an exceedingly well job of this.


For my visit to this store, I ordered the Nadege donut ($8.00) which is ended up really being a cake. There’s layers of caramel chantilly, salted caramel cream, crisp praline wafer and almond shortbread. The presentation seemed a little bit off, there was an blip of glaze. Somehow this minor imperfection majorly annoys me. Once you spoon in, the layers all come together in the donut. And it’s satisfactory.

The caramel notes are balanced and the creaminess is delectable. When it comes to the textures between crisp and soft, it didn’t get gel for me. Something felt belong, it was sort of a caramel mess. A delicious mess, but mainly cream. So it was good enough, but not as stellar here as some of the other patisserie desserts I’ve had (see: Bibelot or Cyril Liganc). There was plenty of options at Nadege so maybe I would have had more success with another choice.


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