La Diperie, The Danforth, Toronto

La Diperie, The Danforth, Toronto

Any special occasion commands a dessert finish. And my final dinner with my friend (at least for this trip) was no different. I commanded him into La Diperie, a funky little outlet that offers soft serve-based dessert mixes. Originally starting out in Montreal, there’s been a little bit of movement with this store being the first in Toronto. It’s a minimalistic fit out, with a maximised menu offering. From six base soft serve options, you also pick a dip and any number of toppings. Coconut, oreo, pretzel, sprinkles, and many, many more, you’re completely spoiled for choice.


The price of the waffle/ cone/ sundae does add up quickly, so we went a bit more basic in selecting one of the pre-arranged combinations. Chili chocolate dip and corn chips sums it up. The chili chocolate was too much for the both of us, there was quite a bit of heat in that dip. Soft serve was a bit too melty, and could have done with the size up. The corn chips eh, was weird and quirky enough. The soft serve itself is decent but ultimately maybe not the right choice/ thought it was overpriced for what you get.


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