Kinton Ramen, Church and Wellesley, Toronto

Kinton Ramen, Church and Wellesley, Toronto

How good is it to be back in Toronto? All the eating. Yay! One of my first meals on my second round was Kinton Ramen on Church Street. Last Sunday was Pride parade of course, and I came across this store on my stroll back southwards. It’s also right next to one of my favourites from my last trip, Kinka Izakaya. Does Kinton Ramen match the greatness of its neighbour? Read on and find out!

Noodle time

Finding any place to dine post a major event is always a tough ask, but there was only a short queue at Kinton Ramen. Good/ bad sign? As a solo diner, it would be even easier to get seated too. I had been absolutely starving as I had skipped lunch and then didn’t realise it was going to be such a long parade. So many floats. Great fun, of course! There’s a hive of activity here at Kinton Ramen too, with the kitchen being quite shouty like other authentic Jap ramen places (and Kinka Izakaya too!)

The Kinton Ramen menu’s quite straightforward, and there was a lunch special for $14.99 which included a side dish as well as the ramen, which I took advantage of. I forget how Canada excludes tax and service charge from the prices (well, I won’t know). But basically it ends up being just under $20 CAD for the meal.

The side dish is a little wacky. It’s a small serve of rice with chicken and mayo. It’s called the Chiki Chiki Don and was my choice of a side, the other two options are pork on rice and gyoza. For full price you might find it disappointingly small but the charred mayo makes up for it. For an extra $2 on top of the ramen it works out to be a fair deal.

Ramen works wonders

The shio (sea salt) ramen itself is a solid-sized dish, so you won’t go home hungry. Mine was the pork original and I thought this was excellent. The marinated egg was flavour-packed and tasty and the broth was superbly seasoned. You get a choice of noodles too, from thick to thin. I went for the thick and all happy with this.

Service at Kinton Ramen was friendly and I liked the space of the restaurant. Lots of windows with natural lighting as well as a good show from hearing the chorus of the kitchen. So far, so good Toronto!


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