King Slice, Roncesvalles Village, Toronto

King Slice, Roncesvalles Village, Toronto

They aren’t kidding when they call it King Slice, you’ll be royally stuffed after a single serve. On Bloor Street West you’ll come across a busy pizza outlet with delightfully cheesy aromas wafting through the air. We popped in to share one of their massive slices, these are cut in half to make it a more manageable eat. All the single slice pizzas are ready to go, so it’s mainly a few moments back in the oven for rewarming before they’re in your greedy little hands.

We went with pepperoni and it’s a very good rendition, not quite fully amazing. There is a very nice touch in the brushed garlic oil on the crust, which is fantastic and makes every part of the slice enjoyable. That should be an idea worth replicating. I liked the cheese and sauce mix, and the only qualm is the pepperoni, which wasn’t the salty, crispy NY style I quite enjoy. Overall, a princely bite.



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