Khmer Thai, Oakwood, Toronto

Khmer Thai, Oakwood, Toronto

“Bare bones pick serves hearty plates”: Google hits the nail on the head with its description of Khmer Thai. We head in for some delicious (but cut price) Cambodian-Thai cuisine. The portions are crazy and the food is crazy good.

You need to Khmer

Khmer Thai Restaurant at Oakwood and St. Clair has been around a while – and you can tell from the minute you walk in and see the decor. It’s so basic, but in a charming way. Whilst it might feel like travelling back in time, you’re gonna have a good experience. There is service even at this stripped back place. Plenty of choices means variety and appeal as you inspect their plastic menus with occasional pictures.

Some of the food has more unusual descriptions. I wasn’t sure if I was ordering a curry or a stir fry but what we got was something in between. But good. One friend went with the tofu Pad Thai which looked great but seemed a bit watery towards the end. Note the size of the meals at Khmer Thai are insane. A lot of it is rice/ noodle, but two orders would easily serve three. And it’s soo cheap. Each plate is about $12.

Mountains of curry

The two dishes that were shared were the number #1, Phanaeng Kai which is a chicken curry with basil, peanuts, coconut milk and rice. There’s a chilli symbol indicating it’s spicy, but it was mild for me. This dish was the slightly more red one with some chunky slices of tomato and cucumber.

The other dish felt quite similar in spirit, I enjoyed that one more for it’s nuttiness. This was one of the specials the mild chicken curry with lemongrass, peanuts, coconut milk with rice. I love how Khmer Thai splashes on the extra coconut milk, I haven’t seen this before in other restaurants but it packs even more flavour. So much food.

The verdict? Delicious fare, super cheap in a homely space. Bring your friends and bring your appetite!


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