iHalo Krunch, Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto

iHalo Krunch, Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto

The soft-serve stylings of iHalo Krunch with their unmissable charcoal-black cones was actually impressive. There’s a lot of hipster qualities that might feel off putting but there is some delicious stuff to be had here.

Here’s your queue

Places like iHalo Krunch may seem too trendy and hip to be likeable. Well, there’s the fact that charcoal, sorry I mean activated charcoal, is featured in both it’s soft serve and the cone (n.b I don’t buy charcoal things for health properties, only because it’s black).

Then there’s the queues – except it never seem more than five minutes in my time and doubt it ever gets as bad as those opening week queues. I’m not a local, maybe they still stretch out the store? And the price – it’s expensive. Two of the cones set us back more than $15 after tax so it makes for a premium (and less frequent) treat.

Customers here are rather obnoxious. The store’s tiny but you will find half the room standing in the way whilst trying to get their perfect Insta-snap/ selfie. Not that I’m any better, I just go outside where there’s much better lighting.

It’s a small store at iHalo Krunch but there are a few seats available. Extra tip: I noticed there was a little stand in the Lululemon store, so that’s another place you can find it too.

Sweet serves

There’s four flavours available and two can be mixed in to a single cone. There’s matcha, vanilla, charcoal coconut and ube. I guess charcoal coconut is the most popular flavour since it’s black and all. I suppose people like the novelty?

All the flavours were quite good although I’d highlight ube and vanilla as my favourites. Matcha is good, but not as good as a place like Tsujiri which packs more matcha into the mix. As to the soft serve stuff, it’s as good as you’ll find anywhere. If you’re asking the charcoal coconut one mildly tastes like coconut and no, you can never taste the charcoal.

What really sold iHalo Krunch on me was the cone. It’s made in-store and you can tell from the roll. There’s a bit of a surprise at the end (with a function) and that’s the marshmallow fluff which also prevents cone leakage. There’s a mysterious and addictive quality in this waffle.

As such, it ranks the whole product very highly for me. So yeah – I’m a fan of iHalo Krunch and happy to jump on this bandwagon.


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