Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes, The Annex, Toronto

Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes, The Annex, Toronto

Asian dessert alert! This time it’s the Soufflé Pancakes brought to you by Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes. These spongy treats are much more eggy and thick than your normal breed. And like the name, they are fluffy, fluffy.

Fluffy dreams

I headed along to Toronto’s first soufflé pancakes shop located in Bloor Street West, the heart of The Annex. It seemed like a neat treat, and a popular choice judging by the full use of the tables. Fuwa means fluffy, and that’s exactly the thing they’re going for at Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes.

You order at the counter first, then find a table and wait about 15 minutes for your pancakes to be ready. The menu does warn there’s a bit of a wait, although their guidelines were even heftier at 20-30 minutes. This certainly veers in the “too long, can’t be bothered” section but as I had hoped, it’s more of a guideline than anything.

Fuwa calories

I went for the Signature soufflé pancakes. That’s nothing over the top, just served with some banana, berries and strawberries. Oddly, the exact three fruit that is sitting in my fridge that I’ve been busy neglecting.

The pancakes from Fuwa Fuwa live up their moniker. Fluffy like a cloud, a lit gooey with egginess. For >$14 (including tax) it’s a bit too dear for a regular indulgence although feels fairer if shared. It has an enjoyable texture if not a bit too plain tasting even with the lashing of cream and fruit. Definitely unique, I haven’t had a pancake like this, even counting my time in Japan.

Other choices include tiramisu, creme brûlée, matcha cream and caramelised banana, I think it’s worth splashing out for one of the fancier ones. There’s a nice setting to Fuwa Fuwa, the store is airy, bright and white, a nice quaint setting for hanging out in the afternoon.


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