Craque de Creme, Toronto

Craque de Creme, Toronto

Find all your Creme brûlée dreams come alive at Craque de Creme, Toronto’s hottest sweet spot and home of the most creme brûlée flavours you’ll ever find. My friend Joey and I head in to sample their sugary delights.

Creme of the crop

Craque de Creme opened last year as the brainchild of Daniel Wong who sought to perfect the brûlée before moving on to other treats like waffles and ice-cream. It’s around the corner from St Clair Ave W and Bathurst and the walk will be good for you to start working off some of those calories. You’ll need it!

There’s a whopping 15 flavours of brûlée available at Craque de Creme and we only got to sample two of these. Our choices were the matcha and the roasted black sesame. Check out some of the other flavours as above, plenty of choices for any mood: pandan coconut, ube, pistachio, salted caramel. A big part of me wanted to go for the classic vanilla because I’m basic like that sometimes.

Each creme brûlée sets you back $5-6 and they’re all fired to order. Something about seeing the blowtorch and getting a whiff of that caramelising really does something for me. What’s more satisfying than cracking that top? Of the two flavour, we enjoyed the matcha one a little more, such lovely creaminess that worth scraping the bottom for. Is it on my top creme brûlées? Yes! But I haven’t had many.

Cutest macarons

Also! I need to share some pics of the completely adorable macarons from Christopher Siu. I didn’t eat these (they’re too cute to eat anyhow) but check out some of these clever designs. Cute as a button! After doing my own macaron making class I know how hard these little treats are to make so I can appreciate it a little bit more now! (Not even gonna bother to attempt these).

It’s a cute little fitout at Craque de Creme in the quiet neighbourhood of Bathurst. I’d love to be a local and work my way through the massive menu of flavours available here of a treat that you don’t find often outside of restaurants. Who knew it could be this easy to get such creme brûlée delights?