Machine Laundry Cafe, Battery Point, Hobart

One of the food stops from a week away in Hobart.

Machine Laundry Cafe was in one of the main centres at Salamanca Place and seemed like a popular spot for locals and visitors alike with a busy crowd and plentiful of coffee aromas. Good signs usually.

Service was uneasy with staff remarkably unfriendly for being in a place like Hobart! Also remarkably, the left wing of the cafe serves a laundromat if you want to wash your clothes whilst your clog your arteries. I went for a classic bacon, egg and bread combo and my fellow diner went for the hotcakes.


The menu itself was slightly difficult to navigate and the savoury options were all permutations of getting sides to things. Part of me prefers the items to be decided by the kitchen. Most of me. The cafe itself was bustling so there was some wait to the dishes which wasn’t helped by staff seemingly waiting for you to leave.


The food itself was good enough, faults were the bacon wasn’t as crispy as the table next to us, and the hotcakes looking slightly less appetising from the explosion of sugar and non-appetising crumble of brownie. The bread and egg did it’s thing, wasn’t particularly memorable, did the trick, is what it is.

Pro tip: Its a cute stop for coffee but the uncomfortable service makes me want to take my dining elsewhere in Hobart