Peter Pan Donuts & Pastry Shop, New York

Peter Pan Donuts & Pastry Shop, New York

Even more sugar in New York. My handle really comes into its own in this town. The favourite donut I tried in NYC was from Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. It’s not an overly fanciful store (compared to some of the competition), but it’s absolutely scrumptious and at the kinda price that makes it a-okay for everyday.

Coming around

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop is located in Brooklyn, so away from the main buzz of the city and a little out of the way for my morning journey. Anyway the skies decided to pour, so I might as well have spent most of it on a bus to get here, I didn’t have any more pressing plans. Based on how busy the place is, there’s more than a few people willing to make the commute here. There were plenty of people getting boxes (I should have too).

I would say the store has a bit of an understated appearance at first glance, but once you look in the window it’s donuts everywhere and deliciousness galore. There’s long johns, bagels, frosted ones, cinnamon ones, sprinkles, crullers – the hardest part is deciding where to start. It all looks so good.

And it’s so cheappppppp! For a standard type variety at Peter Pan it’s $1.10 each which is nuts when you have places back home charging like 4-5x that for such a thing. And these ones are so good. Freshly made, sugary and perfectly imperfect in appearance. It’s a diet kicker, so not a place if you’re watching the calories.

Donut miss out

As the awkward tourist, standing in awe – I stepped back to consider all my choices in my own time. The customers at Peter Pan’s are plenty serious – they know what they want and they’re ready to order upon entry. I was very happy with my berry crumb donut. It didn’t feel heavy in any way and the dough is fluffy and light. My recommendation for a visit to this magical place: give in to a box so you can try a lot more of the flavours.