Tacos De Lyon, Fes, Morocco

Tacos De Lyon, Fes, Morocco

I enjoyed my retreat to the concrete jungle that is Borj Fes. It’s a pretty standard mall-type situation, but that’s not such a standard thing after having spent three days in the medina. It was time for some nice, greasy food to clog the arteries and satisfy a few cravings. I headed into the food court and decided to give the unfamiliar Tacos De Lyon a go. See how I fared.

Tacos Morocco style

Opened in 2005, Tacos De Lyon is the very first tacos franchise in Morocco. It’s in all the main cities and is mostly in food courts. It seems quite popular with the locals and the menu is rather expansive. They also do burger, sandwiches, quite a few desserts as well.

It’s quite a different type of taco they sell here. I’d liken to this to something closer to that of a burrito. The staff were friendly and an English menu was made available. The tacos cost about 25-39dh by themselves (that’s about €2,5-4) with an extra 15dh making it into a combo. There’s also maxi tacos which I can only assume are bigger. Sides: nuggets, rings, tender, wings.

The chicken tender taco called out to me, and I also added in a side of the wings. It made to order so you get a buzzer and it takes a fair few minutes for it to be ready. And time to eat. I headed out to the balcony for a nice vista, but it ended up being extremely windy.

Wings: slightly weird. They tasted massively overdone but it’s the first fried thing I had in a while so that was its saving grace. I enjoyed the taco though. Slightly hectic with the amount of sauce, but it’s satisfying after a long day of walking. Some of the tacos also have fries inside which is slightly fun and reminds me of the souvlakis you get back in Melbourne. Tacos De Lyon was a bit fun, and happy to have tried their take on this familiar dish.