Naranj Restaurant, Marrakech, Morocco

Naranj Restaurant, Marrakech, Morocco

I had a terrific time at Naranj restaurant. As a solo diner with an early appetite I managed to find a table alright. It is the kind of venue where you need to book well in advance, especially if you want the desirable courtyard positions. Here’s my short review (excuse the pics, lighting wasn’t on my side today).

Get in

Naranj Restaurant in Marrakech is super busy. I basically spent a good hour seeing people being turned down because it was full. The staff here were so lovely, and let me borrow their charger so I could juice up my phone at the same time. They were attentive despite having a restaurant at full capacity (as well as dealing with some jerk customers).

Marrakech at its best

My two courses were delicious, delicious stuff. It’s authentic Lebanese styled dishes and the prices are higher than average, but well worth what you’re paying. You get some little nibble-y things to start you off. I’m not a fan of olives, so I left those but the mash types slaw thing was nice.

One weird thing about dining in Morocco is the lack of alcohol. Even though I’m not a huge drinker by all means, I kind of miss it after a while. Don’t fret, as there are plenty of standard bars that cater to the tourist and Western crowd. Anyway, there were no complaints about the zesty fresh iced tea that I had.

I didn’t have a lot of spare time this evening, so I went with a main and a dessert. My choice of main was the beef shawarma. Tender strips of meat on bulgur wheat with a tahini sauce. Meat nice and well done, lovely mild flavours and a good dose of protein too.

I did squeeze in the dessert and asked for a recommendation from the server, who suggested the Creme de Hallawa. It’s a bit more rich/ thicker than what I was expecting but some floral tones that make it taste lighter than  it is.

And there you go! I enjoyed my time with Naranj Restaurant immensely. The staff were so sweet and the upmarket venue was a bit of surprise in the medina. Like most of my other dining in this city I forgot to check out the rooftop but no doubt get in a booking earlier if you don’t want to miss out.