Lau’s Kitchen, St Kilda, Melbourne

Lau’s Kitchen, St Kilda, Melbourne

My experience with Lau’s Kitchen may not have been super proper. It’s one of the few Asian options in Saint Kilda. And my parents almost exclusively order along those lines. At Lau’s Kitchen the menu is super high end, so we only ordered two dishes. These were both quite basic too. They were very good though! But it was the kind of experience where you felt bad eating too much and we ended up getting extra food elsewhere.

A-Lau-ed to dine

I’ve previously heard great stuff about Lau’s Kitchen and have wanted to head here for some time. They’ve also been fully booked out on a previous booking. I wanted to make sure we could make it along so booked ahead of time for a change. A few big pros: the restaurant is nice and the service is outstanding. Expect staff (they almost outnumber diners!) to be attentive and your water glass continually filled.

I guess for us the cost of the dishes felt a bit prohibitive to go too wild on the menu. Mum and dad were happy with the rice and noodle. Each of these were around still about/ over the $30 mark. The quality of the cuisine isn’t in question, but factoring in portion sizes too, you should be expecting at least $60+ a head without drinks. The tea alone was $5 a head…

Rice and co

At the very least, we weren’t made to feel too bad about ordering so little and this is a place I’d love to be taken out to for work (wink). Both the rice and the noodle dish were delicious. They have the right amount of salt, flavour, perfectly cooked and easy on the tummy.

Other plates around us also looked very good and this is a venue where you’d come with a mission to splash a little. In our case, we wanted to dip our toes a smidgen and were perfectly happy with that.

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