Glick’s, Balaclava, Melbourne

Glick’s, Balaclava, Melbourne

It’s been such a treat being near a Glick’s for once in my Melbourne life. I must confess I haven’t worked my way through that many of their offerings. I just love having their bagels and never venture to anything else. And it’s close to the house! Heading around the corner to Glick’s has been part of my Sunday ritual for some time now. I can’t believe they’re only $1.50 and how excitingly seedy they are.

Full circle

I’ve always gone for the Everything bagel, and why would you go for anything else? Lots of sesame, lots of poppy seeds, some onion and I think a bit of fennel. Feel free to correct me if incorrect. And yeah, all the basic bagels are $1.50 and freshly baked that day. It’s a huge saving from getting one at any cafe.

Even having recently had bagels in a few bagel cities like New York, London and Toronto, Glicks still rates with the best of them. Especially for value for money. These ones have a good level of chew, are easy to slice through and goes perfect with almost anything. I’m always a sucker for bacon, egg and avocado but other ingredients that often make an appearance include halloumi, cream cheese and (various) salad leaves.

I did have something from the sweet section of Glicks and I remember it being okay (too sweet for me personally. Pop in for some bagels though. They also offer other Jewish deliciousness and you can get your bagels filled there as well.

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