Cowderoy’s Dairy, St Kilda, Melbourne

Cowderoy’s Dairy, St Kilda, Melbourne

I was super excited about hitting up Cowderoy’s Dairy for a number of reasons, but couldn’t help feeling super let down by the experience. Service was a shambles and the food didn’t quite cut it in the slightest. But it was a sunny morning, there’s a playground next door and I got to catch up with some of my favourite people.


Everything about Cowderoy’s Dairy screams family. There’s also families screaming. But nah, it’s not that bad. The playground next door was a boon and it keeps the kids occupied and the noise levels surprisingly tolerable. There’s a a fun vibe to the cafe (used to be a milk bar) and there’s a reasonable variety of food, including some cabinet specials.

My issue was definitely the service. We had coffee orders missing, coffee orders generally late. One waitress took our coffee order then immediately forgot when she got back in and asked for it again. We ordered green tea and then got served something a different tea. Also, in one of those can you believe it moments: there was a sesame seed in the water jug of the person who was allergic to sesame…


I was catching up with a few old pals so we didn’t mind the extended wait but it took more than an hour for our food to come out. I was okay with my french toast (sweet, fluffy, slightly random flavour combinations but nothing offensive). A few of the table ordered omelettes and these were subpar. They were so wafer thin and un-omelette like. I guess the guys were content getting fed but it was all quite basic tasting.

So not sure what happened with our time at Cowderoy’s Dairy. The staff all seemed grumpy so maybe it wasn’t a great day for everyone? But back to the beginning – I got my sun, the kids got to play, I had food and some great chats. Those are the good things and the things I’ll remember.


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