Batch Espresso, Balaclava

Batch Espresso, Balaclava

From the Boroughs of London to Balaclava! I’ve finally made my return to Melbourne, and what better way to re-discover a love of food culture than eating at a new neighbourhood eatery. My first new brunch at my first new home is Batch Espresso in Balaclava, on recommendation of my new housemate.

Back to the brunching

I wanted my first re-brunch experience to go really well. It was what I missed and craved after mountains of Pret pastries and drinking brown machine slime in the British mornings. Unfortunately on this occasion, a sequence of errors ended up making Batch Expresso a less than impressive return to glory. 

My flatmate particularly rated the coffee here and I was happy with it. Part of me has forgotten what a good brew tastes like, but this hit the spot. Service at Batch Expresso was friendly and there wasn’t any wait getting a table. I should mention that despite the experience, the staff tried their best and I appreciated their efforts. 

One of the issues we had was hair in the food. Hey, well it happens. They replaced it immediately so that was nice. My dish ended up being served weird, they first forgot to put it the order through in the first instance. And then for whatever weird reason they thought it was better to serve half the dish with one egg, and then the other egg a little bit later? It wasn’t explained. It was all so strange. They did comp the meal that had the hair (which was  appreciated) but even the maths on the first and second go on the final bill wasn’t quite right. 

Food for thought

So I need to mention the food actually. After all the service misfires, does the meal stack up? Yeah it was all reasonably good. You have your classics and some slight modern twists. With a little more success in other aspects of the experience I reckon the rating would have been a little more higher. Some interesting flavours, some cool ideas. 

I haven’t yet given up and maybe I’ll give Batch Expresso another go before my sublet is up. 


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