Trampoline Gelato, Southbank

Trampoline Gelato, Southbank

It’s highly evident that Trampoline Gelato is built on a franchise chain model, you can tell from the product. The gelato tastes fine if not borderline commercial but some of the flavours are considerably more successful than others. Like kindergarten, not everyone can be a star and some flavours unfortunately fall behind and such is the course of life. Price is a bit too high for what you get, although service was fine enough for foodcourt lyfe.


My trio was the coconut, the spotty dog (that’s chocolate crushed) and white chocolate and raspberry. There is a heap of flavours on offer, which makes it even harder to choose. Of mine I enjoyed the coconut the most and simplicity is the key here for a good flavour. The white chocolate and raspberry felt quite seperate understated and the spotty dog, was name memorable, was taste forgettable. Of my friend’s choice the cheesecake was a clear award whilst the berry pavlova was weird and cherry was good. When you go down the route of mass gelato domination, it all ends up being a bit homogenised, simple and uninteresting.


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