Roza’s Kitchen, Southbank, Melbourne

Roza’s Kitchen, Southbank, Melbourne

Roza’s Kitchen is my new local and I’m somewhat thankful for its presence as there’s not a heap of food options (within 5 minutes of the house). At first glance it looks like standard late night pizza/ kebab fare. But the pizza I got was surprisingly decent. Generous toppings, good crusty pizza and hey, Roza’s Kitchen do free (kind-of) delivery to the home.

The main drawback of Roza’s Kitchen was the wait. I don’t quite remember what it was, but only that it felt long. Perhaps not so much an issue if we were getting it delivered because if it’s one thing I’ve realised about delivered food – it’s that it takes a while! Fortunately for me I am sharpening up the home cooking skills again. But for other days, there’s Roza’s Kitchen.

It’s a bog standard ambience at Roza’s Kitchen. Which kind of reflects how I find Southbank so far. A little more soulless than I’m used to. Inside it’s a random assortment of diners, TVs flashing but on mute and then the sound of kitchen noises.

We ordered a Supreme pizza, the large for $16.50 because the standard size is rather inadequate for my eating. When it did arrive it was good! Lots of ham, the odd sprinkle of chicken and all around satisfying to eat pizza when it’s so nice and loaded. And unlike a few other pizzas I’ve recently had, very little sog on the base. (Slightly overdone but I’m okay with this).

So, so far so good for Roza’s Kitchen. I’ve seen a few of their pizza boxes in the apartment complex already, so if it’s close and alright, then I’m happy to be a repeat customer too.


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