Melba, Southbank

Melba, Southbank

A throwback review of a special time in my eating history. Our work gave us allowance for each team to get a Christmas lunch or dinner and the three of us chose Melba. We had a fantastic evening of eating ’til we couldn’t, with an excellent array of food and wine and great service in a beautiful location overlooking the Yarra River.

A first and very ambitious eating plate

Melba‘s located in the Langham Hotel and the pricing for this deluxe buffet is adjusted based on time of day and month. As such the menu offerings also adjust slightly and is extremely varied across every cuisine type as demonstrated by the hotchpotch of food in the above and below pictures. There’s plenty of seafood and sushi for fresh, value busting items and a carvery which dishes out slices of meat to order. Staff were attentive and very happy to help. Over at the wok, pasta¬†and naan sessions they cook your choices to order and the renowned M&Ms naan bread is a dish not to be missed.

Tandoor chicken goes great with pork bun

I probably screwed myself over at the second plate with stockpiling way too much on the carbs and not getting a chance to try all the dishes yet. Those two plates were pretty much the extent of my buffet eating. We were pretty thrilled with the quality of all the options on offer and I barely made it through with my stomach intact. Some items like the ravioli were a bit weaker, but when it’s only a few things out of a hundred choices it’s inconsequential.

I have no memory of eating this

Our final course was dessert and being a being with a sweet tooth, I was challenged to find my way through one of every dessert on display. I’m not sure if I survived, as my memory is hazy and I can recall is an empty plate and a hailing a cake (I mean cab) to get me home. I’m not sure I quite enjoyed the dessert offerings as much as the savoury ones, some of the cakes were on the dry side. Even looking at the plate these days gets me a little fearful. We concluded overall Melba offers a great, upscale buffet with splendid choices for any special occasion.


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