Pacific Seafood BBQ House, South Yarra, Melbourne

Pacific Seafood BBQ House, South Yarra, Melbourne

It’s always a mixed bag when it comes to Pacific Seafood BBQ House, but one that I’m always happy to open and discover! This place has had a bit of a legacy with our family, we seem to have visited it a lot. It’s also one of the few Cantonese options around South Yarra although the last few years have that changing as well.

No q for BBQ

Back in the day Pacific Seafood BBQ House used to be quite busy. Not sure if things have changed since with lots of other places now opening up. We were able to get a table easily on a Thursday night. Dainty Sichuan around the corner does seem to have managed to hold the crowds.

It’s a low frills restaurant that does quality and authentic Cantonese cuisine, for better or for worse. It definitely appeals to myself and my family, but isn’t always the most accessible when you don’t know what to order and are hit with a hundred-plus dishes to select from.

Two dishes are fine for three people, the serves are big and designed to have some leftover to take home as well.

Meat and run

We had the roast meat with rice dishes, as well as the combination fried noodle. The roast meats at Pacific Seafood BBQ house are always decent, sometimes I pop in just to get that. Not the cheapest but there aren’t many options nearby either. The bok choy is a bit crazy huge and the rice a touch dry. But overall, it’s a meal I’m happy to digest any lunchtime and I love that brown sauce.

With the fried noodle it is where the noodles have been literally deep-fried and then topped with a gravy-type stir fry. I always dig this type of dish, it’s got the crunch and the savoury flavour of the gravy, which soaks through into the noodles.

Service at Pacific Seafood BBQ house is a bit flat/ blah. I don’t factor that in so much for a place like this. A good spot if you need this type of cuisine in the inner south east.


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