Mia Jia, South Yarra, Melbourne

Mia Jia, South Yarra, Melbourne

OMG Mia Jia is the best and I’m so happy to recommend it to anyone looking. The team are so lovely, the menu is so ridiculously big with crazy options. The food tastes amazing and the price tag is one of the best, if not the best value eat in stuck up but loveable all the same South Yarra.

Because my office is around the corner Mia Jia is one of the mainstays of our lunch adventures. More than a few in the building are fans and there’s plenty of reasons why. The lunch menu starts at $9.80 and there’s so many options that are under the $15 mark which is so excellent for this part of Melbourne. The style of the dining is Malaysian, with a few interesting influences. Noodles, roast meats, curries, vegetarian, laksa, fried chicken, the list goes on and on.

I’ve been more than a few times, but each experience we get so well looked after by the staff. It’s even the little touches like a slice of orange in chilled tap water. Mia Jia is a busy restaurant but we’ve never had trouble finding a table as people are more likely to be the dine and dash type here. The food at Mia Jia comes quick and most are quite hefty serves.

Dishes I’ve tried and liked: beef rendang, chicken curry, salt and pepper tofu. I liked their chicken version of the wonton and it can be served both dry and in soup form. One of the more crazy offerings was the fried butter chicken. Super crispy with a devilishly creamy sauce. I liked it a lot but it lives up to the heaviness in the same. I can’t say I’ve had a bad meal from Mia Jia. Perhaps one that was a bit more boring was the honey chicken which used a fillet rather than pieces. But overall everything is very good (even without considering the price).

Takeaway is also a fine experience, the do little touches like cut a shape out of the lid to make sure your fried food stays crispy. It’s these little touches which show they care for the customers and I hope they know people notice them. The staff at Mia Jia are warm and we always feel so welcome here. Love!


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