Leonard’s House of Love, South Yarra, Melbourne

Leonard’s House of Love, South Yarra, Melbourne

My first and second apartments were both in South Yarra. But in that time I had never made it to Leonard’s House of Love. I definitely heard the noise, and saw the back part of the kitchen. This made me think the place was at least a little bit ‘grungy’. And now that I’ve tried it, it’s definitely grungy, but a good grungy with amazing burgers to match.

House of love

One reason I’ve been more than a few times to Leonard’s now is our work ritual for new team members. The guys in the office just love this place. So we’re often found here on a Friday lunchtime, though I’m trying to pace myself with some nutritional lunches across other weeks. There’s a pickle shot thing too which I won’t speak any further on as to not unintentionally spill any company secrets.

Leonard’s House of Love isn’t quite as shady as it sounds, though it’s not quite as shady with its outdoor seating either. Amazing for summer, not so much for winter. I think it’s about the burgers here. And the burgers have been ranked rather well by the Melbourne food blogs which only look at burgers. Expect grease, meat, flavour and greatness.

Burger time?

There’s not a lot of variety at Leonard’s but there is good stuff. A wide burger range, fries and then fried chicken. Other thank drinks, that’s it. No dieting available here! There are three vegetarian burger options which I’m told are good, and that’s not a bad effort. One is a mushroom base, then an eggplant parmigiana thing and then a mystery vegan patty thing.

Of the two burgers I had, I liked them both a lot but would recommend the beef one if I had to. The chicken option is wunderbar – giant piece (thigh too), inoffensive flavouring with good cheese. Life pro tip: find a buddy to share and split the burgers in two and get two to try. Half the calories and it’s basically eating two burgers. Kind of.

The patties in the beef option at Leonard’s are made from a combination of beef brisket and short rib and I feel you can taste the design Just great stuff, it’s delicious and with that burger sauce and simple sides. I’m a fan. The vibe of Leonard’s House of Love is great (excluding the state of the toilet) and coupled with long hours it makes a perfect pitstop for any Chapel Street evening adventure.


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