Hunky Dory, South Yarra, Melbourne

Hunky Dory, South Yarra, Melbourne

As someone who doesn’t eat seafood… I don’t have the most fun when dining at Hunky Dory! It definitely has the biggest serve of chips I’ve ever seen, which is surely a good thing in itself.

There’s Hunky Dorys all across Australia. It’s a popular fish and chip chain and perhaps one of the only fish and chip chains here. They had some controversy back in the day. At least one of the stores was shipping in frozen fish, but still remains a firm favourite of the masses, judging by the crowd. Not a lot survives this end of Chapel Street and it’s been for a good while now.

We head in to Hunky’s for a team lunch experience, it’s a chance to order lots of everything. With my choices more limited it’s basically either the burger or the kebabs. I didn’t remember having the best luck with the kebabs last time, but I wasn’t in a burger mood so there it was…

All the fried stuff from Hunky Dory is pretty good. Golden yellow potatoes with lots of crunch, potato fritter (or should I say, potato cake) with lots of batter, just like mum used to make. The dim sum is a very Melbourne thing that I can never resists, it still tastes like nothing.

Charging more than your local non-chain fish and chippery, this place makes up with it in pure volume.The serves across all of Hunky Dory’s meals are insane – it was plenty for a second meal. I enjoyed my grain salad but found the chicken kebabs to have a salty aftertaste from the coating/ flavouring. Left my mouth dry for quite a bit in both mealtimes. So I still wouldn’t really recommend the kebabs (again) but they looked good. Everyone with the fish was chuffed, so stick to that.


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