Alleyway Kitchen, South Yarra, Melbourne

Alleyway Kitchen, South Yarra, Melbourne

The scents of the office have evolved over the last week and one of the reasons for this is the re-opening of Alleyway Kitchen in the 670 Chapel Street complex. Delicious Chinese dishes including the naughty kind with my personal favourite of the honey chicken. Not gonna lie, it was rather delectable and I’ll be returning to Alleyway Kitchen in no time!

Welcome back

The space for Alleyway Kitchen seemed to have been empty for the longest while. The shopping complex it’s in is called 670 Chapel Street. I thought it would have had a more cooler name, but it’s rather literal. The area is one of the few spots our office is super close to. Another bonus is that we can get there without getting wet, so it’s going to be handy for lazy winter lunchtimes too.

I normally frequent the Woolworths more than anything here, but I’m thrilled to get some more food options. The deli La Manna & Sons is also expanding so that’s a plus as I very much heart their clearance fruit and vegetable section.

All about that buzz

Alleyway Kitchen offers smorgasbord dishes, as well as a cooked to order menu. I couldn’t resist getting some honey chicken in me. I feel like this dish is a good barometer for the quality of a pseudo Australian-Chinese kitchen. Also fried + sugar = me happy.

As well, I got some beef and black bean and it’s served on fried rice, no noodle option here. Small size is about $10, Large was a few dollars more. Small was enough for me since I had some side salad to use up as well back at my desk. The lady gave me a decent serve of the options with the plastic container bursting at the seams – as I would be too.

I thought the food was yum! Crispy, sickly sweet fried chicken that hit the right notes. It was more of an indulgent lunch. But I’m going to need some indulgent lunches to get through some of these busy days. The beef and black bean was also fair, meaty chunks and a solid level of freshness for both this and the chicken dish. Alleyway Kitchen was a popular choice all around the office this last week and no doubt there’ll be a few of us making our way back.


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