A25 Pizzeria, South Yarra, Melbourne

A25 Pizzeria, South Yarra, Melbourne

One of the fun schemes at work is we have “house” challenges. The house with the most points each month get to have a free lunch, which saw us dining at nearby A25 Pizzeria on Chapel Street. It’s not a joint I would normally visit, the prices are usually a step above my usual lunch budget. There are a few $15 pizza/pasta lunch deals though. I found A25 Pizzeria awesome in terms of toppings and choice, but wasn’t a fan of the soggy crust. For the price you pay, I think you can expect a little more.

A piece of me

A25 Pizzeria is a good spot for a big group, there’s more than a few crowds here. There’s a decent enough budget for the group so we get some nibbles as well as a main and drink each. Arancini balls, potato fries and sweet potato fries keep us nimble whilst the real food comes.

It’s a serious wait for the food, but especially for me because they forget my pizza! This seems to always happen to me, also recently at Miss Chu South Yarra and Grill’d South Melbourne. Not sure what it is. Also I’m not harsh on the timings FYI because the table is of 10+ people.

The service at A25 Pizzeria is nice although all the staff seem confused as we initially get side plates (not really needed for nibbling on fries) and then they decide to take these away.There’s a very unique type of pain in seeing everyone get their meal before yours. Thankfully, I work with a very considerable bunch of cool kids and I manage to get a few sample bites here and there. Firstly a few bites of the chicken salad (tastes better than it looks) as well as the meat pizza (see below).

My opinion of the meat pizza is the same as what I though of my truffle shuffle pizza (with bacon). Yum toppings and plenty of them but then let down by a disappointingly soggy centre. It’s so darn wet in the middle which is a shame when the rest of the pie is at the perfect density. Keep in mind this is a $25ish pizza at A25 so I do expect a bit more. I like the toppings though they could have held back on the cabbage a lot.

The lasagna and pasta serves are massive and could easily fill two. Pizza was about the right size, more than enough for one. Maybe I’ll end up giving A25 another go, but probably wouldn’t order the pizza right now as even thinking about that middle makes me iffy.


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