Wings of Glory, South Melbourne

Wings of Glory, South Melbourne

Reasonably new to the scene of South Melbourne eating, Wings of Glory takes residence off Clarendon Street and conveniently near the office. I’ve been a few times across lunch and dinner and tried a chunk of the menu permutations. Most of the time its a wings and sides combo with customisation from what flavouring on the wings. sides, the seasonings on the chips and whether your meat has bones or not. So many choices.


I believe I’ve only ever gotten the boneless variant (as I like being clean like that) and five to six seems like a good amount to get along with some sides. A large combo is quite shareable. The fries end up being more like crispy potato slices, which is a really good thing.

Meat-wise, I enjoyed the honey variant which ends up being like Asian honey chicken (a good thing again), the lemon seasoning flavour is a bit too overbearing and I my mild and cajun were good options too. The spice factor can go up quite high and we enjoyed some entertainment in the form of a table attempting the spicy wings challenge. The chip seasonings remind me of the ones you get at market twisty potato, I wouldn’t be surprised if was the same powder. It’s DIY which makes it even more fun.

Overall decently good but a limited menu.

Pro tip: They do $1 wings on Wednesdays which could come out mildly cheaper. And they seem happy to mix up the flavours if you want some this and some that.


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