The F.T Tuckshop, South Melbourne

The F.T Tuckshop, South Melbourne

Cute little hole-in-the-wall place for South Melbourne drones like myself. It’s down a bit of an alley so was hidden away for a good part of my career in this suburb, glad to have it covered and considered now. Jaffles are a weird Australian term for toasted sandwiches, that’s one of their specialities at FT Tuckshop along with the other menu options of milkshakes, sandwiches and rolls. Coffee and breakfast things too. Staff are friendly and it does carry that feeling of a good ol’ tuck shop. Minus the dodgy cash handling.


The wait’s never too bad in spite of the lunchtime queue, I went with the Philly Cheesesteak option on my last few visits. A good meaty roll filled with cheese, sauce, salad, beetroot and meat. The steak had a few dodgy, chewy bits, but then again a proper cheesesteak is supposed to do that. I enjoyed my roll with the pickled beetroot adding a delightful sweetness to the bite and the bread also being nice and fresh. Milkshakes also come highly recommended but go hard with the large size if you do.


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