Store 6, South Melbourne Market

Store 6, South Melbourne Market

Working just a hop away from the market means we have an abundance of selection when it comes to lunch. However that being said, it does feel we exhaust through all the options in no time. One of my go to regulars is Store 6, which is located in the food court-type area of the South Melbourne Market. As with the markets its open only on Wednesdays, Fridays and the weekend.


They do a ‘popular with the office, popular with the locals’, lunch special which is only $8 and comes with one item and two side salads. The mains include chicken/ beef/ bacon and egg pies, sausage rolls, pastie, chicken strips, chicken tikka wrap, frittata for a start! The salads vary each day but there’s usually two good options and two meh options.

pie and salad

Today’s order was the braised beef pie with peanut slaw and sweet potato and chickpea salad. The salads are usually the best part, the pie was a bit too tomato-ey for my liking although the pastry is top notch. You get decent chunks of meat too and the whole box is mostly sufficiently filling. I also quite like the chicken strips, and sometimes the salads are deceptively good like the kaleslaw. You can also order things separately and they do other baked stuff, catering and take home meals too.

Also tested with the chicken and leek pie version and that day’s salad was the excellent winter vegetable mix and tumeric rice. Enjoyed the currants in the latter but the dates were probably a bit too full on. The chicken pie version is lovely and chunky, though the crust is just as think.

Pro tip: go early for better choices


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