Stokers Fine Pancakes, South Melbourne, Melbourne

Stokers Fine Pancakes, South Melbourne, Melbourne

It’s seem like eons ago my mind was blown by the concept of pancake fries. Stokers Fine Pancakes in South Melbourne is a pancake-cum-burger location that was handily located near my office. Over my two years or so in the area there was many a visit to indulge in the iconic and unique pancake chips as well as their very good quality burgers.

If there was only one downside of the Stokers experience it’s that service can be on the very slow side on the busier days. But overall it was one of my favourite burger options for Melbourne. The servings are a great size, always fresh and pancake fries. Which I guess I should explain. It’s pancake that have been slices into rows and deep fried. Served with herb salt, it becomes a savoury accompaniment to the burgers. And with a solid dip.

My last visit to Stokers was with a colleague as I was keen for her to discover the joys of the place for herself. I find Stokers remains a bit of an undiscovered gem, compared to the likes of say, Grill’d.┬áThe Mr Big burger features a meat patty with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelized onion and garlic parsley mayo. All straightforward stuff, but all done to perfection. Good amount of fillings, fresh fluffy bread, decent patty girth. At least my friend was impressed and I’m sure a repeat visit was in order.

I’m a sucker for the savoury, unique pancake fries. You might miss potato a teensy, tiny bit, but it’s an enjoyable change of pace and at least a point of difference for Stokers. Kinda greasy after a little while, being absorbent and soaked in the oil generally has that effect.

Despite my (and our) many visits, we very rarely went for the pancakes. I’m sure they’re fine though and Stokers Fine Pancakes is a place with long hours.


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