South Melbourne Dim Sums

South Melbourne Dim Sums

One of the quirks of Melbourne is surely the institution of “dim sum”. Back in my country, and the rest of the modern world, dim sums refers to small, bite-sized pieces of food served to you by angry ladies wheeling trolleys. In Melbourne a dim sum refers to a fried ball of manufactured meat and questionable filling.

Your ball of mystery

One of the features of the South Melbourne Market is the original store which often has a chunky queue. Which is pretty impressive given that most of people are getting in for food that’s ready to package. Over my years working in the area I’ve probably dabbled in more than a few times – $2.50 is a bit much for your fried ball and it comes with a serious stench at times. It’s noticeable when eating in the office. The pastry’s nice and crisp, slightly thick and the filling tastes somewhat inspired by meat.


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