Pho A Gogo, South Melbourne

Pho A Gogo, South Melbourne

When I first worked in South Melbourne I was obsessed with Wat Da Pho. As a result I ended up missing sampling more family, low key joints like Pho A Go Go. I’m glad I ventured over this time, because the pho is so much more proper and it’s an overall better experience. Plus unlike the other place, it’s still around!

Vietnamese A GoGo

Pho remains one of my favourite noodle dishes. It’s a light broth with those less heavy rice noodles, and you get such a lovely blend of herbs, citrus, umami and plenty of veg (well, beanprouts). I read a few reviews of Pho A GoGo before going. Most people said the food was good, with some iffy customer service in the mix.

I don’t think I’d disagree with either part! The pho was very good for one. There’s plenty of options of what kind you like. There’s also the not so traditional chicken options for the more tame. Even seeing the options for tendon, balls, rare beef makes me think it’s a lot more better than what you see in the food courts and the fushion-y restaurants.

Pho Your Information

On the second part, the owner is passionate about what he’s doing and you might benefit from being clued up on some of the conditions. Make sure to bring along cash and in a somewhat awkward fashion, you also need to pay for your meal (at the table) before you get it. One other thing that leaves a bit of an ill taste for some people is that you have to pay an extra $1 for sharing. Not a lot of course, but much weird, to be paying more for the same amount of food.

In any case, the food is good value for money and a regular bowl is plenty for one person’s appetite. I may suggest going for the next size up, though I haven’t seen that one yet. Good pho for sure, and that’s the main thing.


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