Penang Road, South Melbourne

Penang Road, South Melbourne

A staple of my work eating has been at a well priced, well-placed Malaysian-styled cafe called Penang Road on Clarendon Street, South Melbourne. I’ve eaten there into the double digits easily although there’s only one dish that I really order (or recommend) and that’s the amazing fried chicken chop. I’ve ordered this enough times to know who’s in the kitchen on that day and fingers crossed you get May – she’s the business. Avoid big groups as getting a table can be trickier in peak hours although the service itself is like my Asian maths teacher, efficient and short.

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The wonders of a fried chicken chop include a fried chicken chop, fried chicken egg, salad leaves, chilli sauce and chicken (?) flavoured rice. I’m much too non-mainstream for that so I usually request for a substitution to the coconut rice. The chicken rice tastes a bit MSG-y to me. The chicken chop is fantastic fun and it’s a super filling dish.


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