Oporto, South Melbourne

Oporto, South Melbourne

With so much good chicken everywhere in South Melbourne, I’ve never felt the need to trial the flavours over at chain restaurant Oporto. I’ve only had one experience back in Auckland and I found it a bit blah at the time. With the enticement of a loyalty program meaning a discounted first meal, I made my way back in to the (newish) store in South Melbourne.

A Porto me

I loved Porto and Portugal, it was an amazing destination to have spent time in. Oddly enough I never devoured any chicken-based meals, perhaps I just wasn’t looking in the right places.

All along Clarendon Street in South Melbourne are plenty of choices for the bird, and most of them are excellent. There’s the cheeky Nando’s, the Charcoal Chicken on Clarendon, Wings of Glory, Chicken with a Twist. Truly poultry in motion.

Oporto is a coolish chain with a mix of rotisserie chicken as well as burgers. Torn between the two options I went with the quarter chicken with chips, pita and garlic dip. It’s about $11 normally which is alright since the pita is filling and on par with the prices at Nando’s. I did prefer the chicken here. The chilli basting is super tasty and the piece I got was nice and chunky. Lots of meat here.

Pita pit

The service is functional and I got my meal promptly. The inclusion of a pita at Oporto made for a nice sandwich and had I been a better planner, I would have brought some salad leaves along to finish it off. The fries are alright (could do with more of a chicken salt) and I did like that the pita was served warm.

The only thing is the chicken is pretty juicy and the liquid seeps into the pita making it a little soggy. Overall there’s some nice flavours here at Oporto and I’d be open to giving their burgers another go next time.


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