Mong’s Kitchen, South Melbourne

Mong’s Kitchen, South Melbourne

I was pleasantly surprised by my last working lunch over at Mong’s Kitchen across the road, a new Korean and Japanese-themed eatery that gets a decent chunk of the company foot traffic. It always looked a bit too clean for my tastes, but I’m glad I checked it out as it has a real vibrance in it’s dishes.

I went for their currently on-special $12.50 lunch combo set (normally $14, Sam can never resist a deal) and this comes with a main and appetiser along with a miso soup and rice. There’s a real cornucopia of options available and I went with the fried vegetable dumplings and the beef bulgogi.


Service is a bit awkward and seems like they are still finding their way in this respect, but the dishes were visually appealing and much like the premises, were clean flavours. The dumplings were golden and had a varied filling with the bulgogi having a good mix of vegetables and mushroom to muddle the savoury notes of the beef. Overall a good experience. Get a-Mongst it.


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