Grill’d, South Melbourne

Grill’d, South Melbourne

This is my usual go-to Grill’d (a chain of many burger stores) due to proximity to office and the fact it’s an all round people pleaser with plenty of options no matter how wacky the group’s allergies/ intolerances/weekly diets are. I’ve only had good experiences with this store, and the quality of food is consistently good. Almost up there with Burger Fuel from back home, but my memory could also be distorted due to age.


Most of the times they don’t screw up the orders (the once when they forget a takeaway order and poor Pete didn’t eat) and service is fast and friendly. My last visit I had the Summer Sunset, which is a beef burger with avocado, bacon, pineapple, salad, herbed mayo (and the relish on hold ’cause it’s wrong). Definitely a few good inclusions for a $10 mark burger.

Also fries with the herbed mayo, the chip platter with fried potato/ sweet potato/ zucchini is also fun on occasion. There’s limited edition avocado chips too, which I haven’t tried yet. Grill’d burgers are supposedly healthy (I don’t eat to be healthy dammit) but it’s plenty filling on it’s own. Their charity pots are cute.


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