Crisp, South Melbourne

Crisp, South Melbourne
A newish place that opened near our office is Crisp, part of a chain of salad/ health-eating type things and as well as a handy location, it promises dreams and visions of a slimmer, fitter you. Back in the day the focus was a DIY salad combo and I ended up with a twist on a chicken caesar. And at the over $10 mark it doesn’t really quite deliver and the ratio is just a bit wrong. You get about 75% lettuce, shredded chicken and token amounts of the other things you were hoping more of. Overall it’s a big bowl but at a reduced satisfaction level.
Lentil dahl, with coriander, yoghurt and brown rice

On the other occasion I wet I opted for the lentil dhal bowl as featured below and this was fine. It lacked a needed lack of flavour but delivered as expected. The brown rice was really wet though.  Eh, I wouldn’t really recommend venturing in the end, I think they are plenty of healthy options that won’t turn you off eating.

Pro tip: try to think of all the calories you’ll save from dropping your standards


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