Chicken On Clarendon, South Melbourne

Chicken On Clarendon, South Melbourne

Chicken on Clarendon is a classic charcoal chicken takeaway that is run by the world’s nicest people. They offer a range of random Asian dishes and all the fast food staples. Look, the food isn’t going to blow you away, but I’ve always enjoyed the service with a smile. They also look after their regulars super well so go in for the long game.

Roast me

I only had visited Chicken on Clarendon a few times a few years ago and the chicken wasn’t quite as good as Chicken With A Twist which was around the corner. Their meat was more tender and those herb fries remain unbeatable. But Chicken on Clarendon is way cheaper, and super close to my current work. And a lot of my work folk like this place too.

So far I’ve been a few times and I’m sure I’ll go a few more before my contract role finishes up. Of the Asian selections I tried the honey chicken and I liked the fried rice, but didn’t find the chicken meaty enough. The chicken and chips meal is my better bet, a half chicken and chips costing only slightly over the $10 mark. They even give you bonus gravy, which is treated as a luxury anywhere else. Even though I don’t rate the chicken super highly, the seasoning is good and it still tastes nice.

Hot to trot

More pluses: the fries are cooked to order so presented with maximum crunch and heat. They take card, which a few places on Clarendon don’t. Best of all about Chicken on Clarendon are the owners/ staff: genuine people who are oh so friendly and give you warm fuzzies from merely dining with them. Once you’ve been a few times, they’ve been known to throw in a few free items. And in this day and age, isn’t that such a special thing in itself?


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