Sartoria, Preston, Melbourne

Sartoria, Preston, Melbourne
Matt’s the second of my contributors in Melbourne. A born Brit, we’ve temporarily swapped places in the world. He’s been having a great time checking out the food scene of Victoria, and that continued with a recent visit at Sartoria in Preston.
Sartoria is owned and run by Adriana Agricola; she took over her parents’ old dressmaking premises and turned it into an exciting space for a dining experience. The menu is not your typical café fare, with a range that spans from healthy to indulgent and with a diverse set of interesting, and thoughtful influences. There’s an inspiring converted warehouse vibe that feels natural and aligns with the venue’s narrative. The food and drinks sampled were all something special, bringing progression to the traditional brunch experience. I wish this place was a tad closer as I am looking forward to heading back to continue working my way through the menu.

 We arrived at Sartoria a late Saturday morning to find it bustling with a family friendly vibe. Bright fixtures, open spaces and a general friendly, weekend vibe. A couple of flat whites gave us the caffeine to start our day proper and they definitely hit the mark delivering an effective kick. On this occasion we nominated the staff to select our food and drinks to show off their favourite items. We were good with everything so it was a sure bet, and one that paid off. The colourful latte trends were reflected here with a traffic light of ultra healthy cuppas.

Trafic light drinks.1
Green: the matcha latte had a good strong matcha flavour, which the milk helped to give a smooth drink without the need for a tonne of sugar. Yellow: The tumeric latte was smooth with a light spicy note, it wasn’t bad but probably our least favourite of the three. And finally, the red velvet hot chocolate was great, but a diversion from what we had been anticipating. A far cry from a red velvet cake, more earthy with an huge beetroot presence, so a great drink for the many Australia beetroot lovers out there.
To balance out our healthy drinks we started with the Seamstress, one of the most popular and iconic dishes from Sartoria. Like most folk from up north,
I’m a huge lover of hash browns already, and the hash brown waffle in this dish hit the ball out of the park. It was moreish and soft with a real buttery potato flavour. Complimenting this dish was a fresh pea puree, perfectly poached eggs and an assortment of other goodies.
Next up we sampled from the lunch menu and to begin we started with a Bloody Mary. I’m not a huge fan of Bloody Mary’s but could appreciate it was fresh and well flavoured with a spicy kick, without knocking me out with straight vodka.
For lunch out tastebuds were whisked away to Asia for something a lot different from the norm. The beef brisket was melt-in-the-mouth softness with punchy, potent flavours. The fresh and slightly bitter Papaya salad worked with the beef to provide an enjoyable balance to the dish. 
We finished off with the French toast. Or pudding, as we say. Your normal french toast to me always seems to have one texture, soft. Using a pumpkin seed bread was a hint of genius which gave the offering a seedy, crunchy texture. The seeds were well complimented with beautiful nutty morsels in the bread. They served the French toast with a butterscotch sauce with more on the side for those who like it sweet. Only slight criticism of this dish was that even with my sweet tooth it was a little on the sweet side even without the extra sauce. Great for sharing but may have been a little much for one person to finish. Not that that’s an issue!
french toast 1
We finished off with a chai latte which is one of my all time favourites. It was served sugar less, with a dish of honey on the side. This was a fantastic touch as it allowed me to mix the perfect chai latte.
We had such a great experience at Satoria which had a wonderful vibe, great service and delicious food. Satoria is a great fit for a whole host of eaters with something to please the healthiest eaters all the way to gluttonous.

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Note: author dined at invitation of the restaurant