Dexter, Preston, Melbourne

Dexter, Preston, Melbourne

With one of the highest ratings around these parts, I had to check out Dexter. Meat and buns. Two things I love. And I did so. Twice! Preston is a bit further out than my usual radius of eating, but I managed to hitch a ride with ease on both occasions. Both times turned out to be wonderful occasions, with Dexter providing some innovation when it comes to making meat magical.


On both visits I felt like I ordered a mix of everything. Note that evening dining featured a horrendous red light that made things appear less appetising. Hopefully they’ve fixed that since, but I managed to get some nice shots on my second visit.

Some of the signature and hard to miss menu items are the hot meat donuts. These are an interesting beast. meat filled donuts fried with a sugary coating. Lived up the name, I suppose. I’m undecided how I felt about it, a definite statement kind of start for the modern BBQ-style menu here. The KFC (sorry that’s cauliflower here) was acceptable but felt a bit more flat relative to everything else I’ve tasted here. One for the vegos, if they are tricked into coming here. It’s a meat affair, really.

I like their meat plates, which appear to be designed for solo use. That didn’t stop me grabbing a sample of the caramel short rib, as well as indulging in my own beef brisket. Excellent all the way. Sides are as interesting with a side of bone mash, pickles, and sourdough. All items were great and added to the plate but the marrow/ bone notes in the mash are subtle.

My second visit I pined for something a little different. So here my order was for the pig’s head croquette burger ($14). A more interesting and adventurous take that walks a fine line but I enjoyed this. Pickled pineapple, pickles and vinegar slaw did make it a tad too acidic for my taste so I took a bit of it out. I would have preferred a sweeter slaw to contrast with the meat, which is not dry, but not juicy. The waitress let us know it comes from three parts of the head which is bonus curious general knowledge to have.


We also had desserts this time and I was impressed with the Cheerio pudding, though the cookies were much too sugary. The return visit had kids in tow and the milk and cookies was perfect for the three of them. It actually isn’t milk by the way, it’s a milk flavoured ice-cream. I sampled a bit of the cookie (like stealing baby from a candy!) and whilst it is nice and hot-from-the-oven baked, it was so dense in sugar. Hopefully those kids got to sleep at an okay hour.

I, like the adult I am, went for the cheerio pudding. This is a recent addition and features candied cheerios with cherrio ice-cream and sago pudding. Bizarre in a way, but I enjoyed it. The pudding was refreshing and light, without the saccharine levels of the cookies. The cheerio ice-cream was nice and I guess, tasted liked cheerios. So overall I’m still a big fan of Dexter and reckon it’s absolutely worth checking for anyone who can get there reasonably easily (and even if they can’t).


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