Misty’s Diner, Prahran, Melbourne

Misty’s Diner, Prahran, Melbourne

On the other side of the world my blog counterpart EJ was feeling the chill. Whilst London is feeling toasty, in Melbourne you can barely feel your toes. There isn’t a better panacea for the winter blues than comfort food. And you’ll find that in it’s most hyperbole form at the true blue American Misty’s Diner. It’s off Chapel Street in Prahran section. The generous opening hours means you can dine on all things dangerous, deep-fried and naughty any time. Update: the lease has finished up in their Prahran store, but Misty’s continue in Reservoir!

It’s a funky 50’s decor style and this is one of the two they have here in Oz. The staff are as welcoming as any roadside diner in Texas and the menu is authentic to the ‘American diner’ experience. We were checking out Misty’s Diner as part of a event with a crowd of other bloggers. The grand platter of the menu had an even mix of hits and some misses, and despite a lot of food, we actually did still leave a touch hungry due to the sharing aspect.

Misty's Diner Croquette

First off the bat for the night with the Mac and Cheese croquettes. These were nice and crispy on the outside however, the mac and cheese itself were lacking in flavour. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the bed of cheese sauce either that it came with, but the ranch sauce was a great addition to this entree. The danger with fried food is that it can become heavy, and that was evident in some of the dishes. Here the ranch sauce helped to keep things lighter, as it does with buffalo wings.

Misty's Diner Onion Flower

The onion flower came out gorgeous in its presentation. This was more on the oily side it was quite tasty to eat and I would be happy to eat it again (especially if I were hungover). I should also mention Misty’s Diner’s proximity to the drinking holes of Chapel St, that makes it a pragmatic stop to keep in mind for any late evening carb loading.

Ribs Misty's Diner

The BBQ ribs was the winning dish of the night for me. The ribs were tender and cooked well and the glaze was light and tangy. This was followed on by the fried chicken and mash. This was a bit of a let down for me compared to the ribs which were so, so flavoursome. I’d love if that tastiness was more consistent across all the dishes we had Here, the chicken was dry and the mash was lacking in seasoning.

Southern fried Chicken Misty's Diner

Misty’s has a wide range of sweet desserts including pies, cakes, ice creams and milkshakes. There’s also a nice variety of American candy bars by the counter. You can take a slice of the goodness with you if you aren’t already fully exploding from dinner. We shared a slice of the Pumpkin pie which was accompanied by whip cream and ice-cream. I enjoyed the pie, it was warm and nicely spiced. It could of done without the full cream and ice-cream combo (easily evaded). Nonetheless it was a nice ending to the overall dining experience.

Misty's Diner Sweet Pie

This was my second time dining at Misty’s and have to admit this time around was far better than the first. I would recommend coming on a very empty stomach as the meals are very hearty and heavy. Of course you don’t have to order everything, but it’s much more fun to. And Misty’s Diner is a lot of fun indeed.


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Note: author dined at invitation of the restaurant