Rendeavous, Point Cook

The name is really strange to me. Is that spelling deliberate? Is it meant to mean something? I’m sure there’s some mundane reason for it, but anyway I digress. I occasionally venture out into the wilderness and am amazed by the spacious housing and empty commutes, however have has always been curious how the cuisine stacks up.

Rendeavous is a spacious establishment and being slightly middle weight and in the sticks, has plenty of seating with friendly service. It’s located in the Lakes Sanctuary shopping area thing and surrounded by the competing dinner choices. It’s probably the higher end of the options. We started off ordering a flurry of milkshakes (good and not over the top) and for mains we went with the roasted pumpkin, almond and ricotta ravioli and the chicken schnitzel with garlic butter.

Both dishes arrived pretty quickly and well sized to get us full. The schnitzel was great and not overdone with the garlic and lemon tones rounding out the dish. The fries were too much salty though and you can see that in the picture too.

The ravioli was competent with the chilli and pine nuts bringing up the dish, however I just got a bit bored of it after a while. It was good to at least interlace the bites with the other main.

A good family friendly spot that’s ideal for somehing that’s a bit beyond the other options around.

Pro tip: share dishes